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Some recent ramblings and musings on code, product development & miscellaneous stuff.


Variable length encoding is a technique used to compress down integers into a smaller number of bytes than is normally needed, but how does it work?

Building and deploying PlayPen packages with GitLab CI

Let's create a Docker GitLab runner image that compiles Maven projects and deploys them to a PlayPen network.

Modifying NMS from a Bukkit plugin

A quick tutorial on how to use Javassist to perform bytecode compilation and modification at runtime.

Minecraft as a Game Engine

Minecraft has become a widely used tool in lots of environments, but this game is capable of much more in terms of animation.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Thoughts on creating your own code alternatives over using existing battle-tested ones.

Using Git to improve your development workflow

Now that I've been using Git(Hub) for more than a year for all of my personal projects, I will discuss the basics and explain in what ways it simplifies your workflow.

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