This is an example blog post that I'm writing to, well, show what a blog post would look like on this Web that I have designed. Let's begin, shall we?

I think this story begins with the necessity to write again. I made some Youtube videos talking about some stupid and/or good products, but since I started coding most of the time, I've been virtually silent - unless you count all those Tweets, which I don't. I want to share my thoughts, learnings, photographs, code snippets...

Writing helps me put my thoughts together. I'm incoherent most of the time unless I talke a moment to think about my thoughts and write them down. Writing is a sanity check and I welcome the challenge it presents. It's one thing to have a thought, but it's another to be able to craft that into something that others will understand.

A duel!

It's really a challenge of self-improvement. If I do something enough, presumably, I'll get better at it. With feedback from others, it's a win-win situation every time I sit down to write. That said, I don't want to limit myself to just writing. I envision this blog as a showcase for:

  • Thoughts on design - UI, interaction, visual
  • Some application internals
  • Music and movie reviews
  • And more?

So based on that, keep a watchful eye on everything that I'll be sharing. And try to enjoy!

P.S. This post was done in good humor. Don't take anything I say too seriously.

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