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About me

Hi! I’m Hugo, a software developer based in Madrid, Spain. My writing combines ideas from a wide range of topics such as game programming, API design, databases, and more — and presents solutions to real-world problems.

I’m currently attending UC3M, majoring in Applied Mathematics and Computing.

Previous experience includes working as a network engineer at Minespree, where I designed a game server management and player load balancing system based on PlayPen to support thousands of players. I automated compiling, packaging and deployment of server software, which reduced time to deploy by 70%. Some exciting technologies I got to work with include Redis, Docker, MongoDB and Java.

I like working on fun side projects, most of which I open source.

I can be reached at contact@hugmanrique.me and @hugmanrique on Twitter. My PGP key is 073F CC74 AF72 EAAC and is also published on Keybase.io.